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Ankle Reconstruction

Most people in their lifetime will have an ankle sprain. The sprains are divided into three grades. A grade 3 sprain means that the two major ligaments on the outside of the ankle, "Anterior Talo-Fibular Ligament" and the "Calcaneo-Fibular Ligament" (ATFL and CFL), may be ruptured. It is important to know that just because you have ruptured your ligaments, you don't need surgery. You need to appropriately rehab your ankle and if after 4-5 months of appropriate rehab you have symptomatic instability (keeps rolling over on uneven ground), you may need Ankle Reconstruction. You may be sent for an ultrasound scan to diagnose ligament ruptures. Scientific evidence to date does not support the use of ultrasound as a diagnostic tool for ankle ligament tears. The specificity and sensitivity is very low. DO NOT GET AN ANKLE ULTRASOUND TO DIAGNOSE LIGAMENT TEARS. All you need is stress ankle views on plain x-ray.