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Fiji Orthopaedic Services

Dr Hazratwala is currently providing tertiary level orthopaedic services in Fiji. He visits Fiji every three to four months for a week and performs operations at the Suva Private Hospital and is currently negotiating with the Ministry of Health in Fiji to obtain operating time at the CWM. He is performing Hip and Knee Replacements, ACL Reconstructions, Knee Arthroscopy and a variety of foot and ankle operations. Dr Hazratwala is a specialist in lower limb surgery and will only provide a basic upper limb service and will not be offering a spinal surgical service.

Dr Hazratwala is also available via this website to offer advice on urgent fracture/trauma cases. Please note, this service is only for immediate treatment and not for chronic and degenerative conditions. Dr Hazratwala will not be able to attend to all enquiries of a non-urgent nature.

For non-urgent/degenerative conditions, please make an appointment to see Dr Hazratwala at the Suva Private Hospital. For urgent/trauma advice, please use the Appointment Request Form and upload the x-rays and provide relevant history as to the mechanism of the injury and events and treatment received to date.

For an appointment to see Dr Hazratwala, please make a booking through Dr Mahendra Hazratwala's surgery on 3302163.