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Hip Resurfacing (Birmingham)

This is also a Total Hip Replacement but the only difference is that instead of inserting a metallic stem into the middle of the femur, the head (ball) of the femur is shaved to expose bare bone and a round metallic head is either cemented (glued) onto the head or the top of the femur (neck) is reamed and a very short stem is inserted thus not violating the shaft of the femur bone. This has the advantage of preserving femoral bone and, since the head is large (as big as the patient's own femoral head), there is an increased safety margin for dislocation.

Once again, this is a technically demanding operation and not all surgeons offer this service. If you are a male patient between the age of 50-65 years and suffering from hip arthritis, ask your surgeon about Hip Resurfacing. If he or she does not offer this service, seek someone who does and once again if you are not suitable, return to your original surgeon for definitive treatment.

Hip Resurfacing

Hip Resurfacing Hip Resurfacing